Angie Cartwright - founder of National Grief Awareness Day - once said, "A human being is more than just one moment in time." Appreciating this profound truth, I am dedicated to helping grieving families transform the precious, individual moments of life into a priceless collection of memories -- through the creation of personalized, memorial merchandise. Such memorabilia aid in the grief healing process, serving as tangible items grieving families can carry with them, look at, revisit, touch -- as they  still long to be able to do with their loved one...  



~Kandice Jacobs Robinson
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Over (500) themes available to choose from within the Tribute Series! Select from any of these conveniently customizable templates.

Families, we invite you to contact us TODAY regarding availability to complete your design project!

*KJC does not provide printing services at this time. Thus, if you have your funeral home of choice print/assemble your memorialization merchandise in-house, we suggest that you share the below link with your funeral home to purchase the necessary stationery products specially formatted to the Tribute templates. We recommend the establishment prints on a laser printer, adjusting the media type to 'cardstock,' and performing a test print before making multiple copies of your print job. For assistance in completing your stationary order, you may contact Frazier Consultants @(608) 588-8522.


"It is with great pleasure that our family provides this testimonial on behalf of Kandice Jacobs-Armstrong. Our family experienced a tragedy that was unfathomable on Christmas Eve 2014. Still reeling from our loss, Kandice made herself available to our family that saved us from great financial strain in trying to design and print the funeral program for our sister. Not only did Kandice design the program, she assisted us with appropriate wording, font selection, picture placement and paper selection. We just weren't prepared to even consider many of these choices due to the pressure of trying to memorialize our loved one. Kandice's support, patience and extreme professionalism gave us confidence in knowing that we were honoring our sister in a meaningful and beautiful way. Thank you again Kandice, we will never forget how you supported our family with love and compassion during a very difficult time in our lives. May God continue to bless you as you provide comfort and assistance to others as a licensed funeral director. You are simply the BEST!"


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