Thursday, August 17, 2017

What does the world need today? -- To show more honor, a greater willingness to serve instead of expecting to be served, selfless, unconditional love. This increasing relational dysfunction can be seen on the world stage between national leaders and citizenry; in homes among husbands and wives, between parents and children; in churches among leaders and the flock, among brothers-and-sisters-in-Christ; in employment relationships between employers and employees, among co-workers. Because the leadership motivation has so overwhelmingly become power (not service, affiliation or even achievement) we see the trickle-down effect in the form of hatred, v...

Thursday, August 3, 2017

In 1980, Diana Ross released a song entitled, "I'm Coming Out." With it's disco, funk instrumentation, coupled with its celebratory lyrics declaring what she wanted to reveal to the world, the song became wildly popular on the charts. Hearing the often sampled chorus on commercials and in movies has always made me smile, hold my arms wide like Diana, dance around and happily belt out the lyrics right along with her.

However, there are times in life when one must "come out" and it's not always a joyous occasion. Nevertheless, sometimes it is only in the very act of revealing, sharing publicly, that one can find or regain power and purpose. So, I'm coming out...

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