Kandice Jacobs Creations, Incorporated is now offering the following marketing consulting services, to my colleagues in the the greater Jacksonville community, who are engaged in death care and related industries. Together with Mygani LLC, we look forward to helping you reach your target audience!

  • Design of professional marketing materials  [e.g.,logo, brochures, business cards, promotional products] 

  • Digital Marketing [i.e., social media campaigns]

  • Event Planning [organizing community events, & workshops to leverage pre-determined campaign goals]               

  • Public Relations Campaigns [i.e., liaise to secure print, radio & news media opportunities; billboard & city-bus wrap designs]

  • Draft formal marketing plan to increase market-share & drive on-going sales goals [to include pre-need & at-need inducements]

How does the merger of funeral directing & design look? Well, take a look at these KJC Inc. collaborations with Felicia Wright of Mygani LLC and Terraink Marketing!

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