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Greetings! I am Kandice Jacobs Robinson (formerly Jacobs-Armstrong)-- a Social Entrepreneur & CEO of Kandice Jacobs Creations, LLC (KJC). We provide end-of-life care and pre-planning advisory services, as well as self-care & empowerment products to treat the emotional discomfort associated with making such overwhelming decisions. 

Because I'm intimately acquainted with the lifestyle, needs and challenges unique to our target consumer, KJC has developed the Lasting Legacies program & product suite    -- for example, our Lasting Legacies: Virtual Life-Planning Conference!



To ignite a movement -- to create a community of individuals & families informed about their end-of-life care & pre-planning options, people engaged in developing solid plans to leave lasting legacies -- undaunted, equipped to live life abundantly. 

To learn more about the thought process behind the creation of KJC, check out our recent interview with SHOUTOUT MIAMI (a publication of Voyage Media). 


Do you want to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones? Watch our recent interview with Adrienne Houghton & Dave Stieglitz, hosts of the "Caring for Seniors," on The Buzz to learn all about our specific offerings! Then subscribe to our website to receive updates regarding upcoming events and our blog.    

  • Serving as a premier information resource -- for caregivers, the ill & bereaved -- to more peacefully navigate their life journey

  • Breaking down psychological barriers by addressing important and often time-sensitive topics surrounding end-of-life care & pre-planning 

  • Providing practical strategies & products that will allow you to still live life abundantly AND celebrate your lasting legacy -- even as someone who is ill, bereaved or serving as a caregiver 

  • Easing the pain of isolation & grief experienced by caregivers, the ill and bereaved, by instead providing a sense of belonging & community through shared experiences


As a Florida licensed funeral director & embalmer, I am committed to meeting the individualized needs of client families along the full spectrum of their life journey and not just in the wake of loss. 

I relaunched KJC (5) years ago after becoming my own customer...when I lost my god-brother. On Jan. 5, 2015 we were texting "Happy New Year" greetings as I prepared for work, making plans to talk later about getting together. However, just a couple hours later -- as I was directing a service in our on-site chapel -- Titus's heart stopped beating. He fell to the floor just feet away from his 1 1/2 year-old son, and he died. At 41 years old, Titus left behind (6) children and a widow. He had no life insurance; thankfully though, he was a Navy veteran. #MyWhyNowIsTi

As a result, one key method through which we've successfully delivered value for the past (5) years is our annual life-planning conference -- where industry professionals, through workshops and a panel discussion, address such topics as: caregiver and grief support, elder care legal matters, funeral pre-planning, and much more



I am our target consumera member of the Sandwich Generation – a military spouse, balancing entrepreneurship and partnering with my mother in providing care for my (2)-time-cancer-survivor father, who now has dementia. 


In addition, as a death care professional, having worked the past six years with a family-owned funeral home, cemetery and cremation center -- meeting with, listening to & advising bereaved families on the brink of losing a loved one & those already in the wake of loss -- I have been uniquely prepared to develop both programs & companion products that will exceed individuals' & families' expectations!

Therefore, KJC is extremely excited to now also offer our signature, Lasting Legacies: Subscription Care Package --branded by color to bring awareness to specific illnesses, such as dementia, and to uplift the 53 million U.S. caregivers, the chronically ill and bereaved!

We invite you to shop and visit often for new additions to our product line series -- the first of its kind currently on the market, meeting the needs of this oftentimes forgotten about, yet immensely deserving, market segment!



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*Successfully Relaunched Saturday, 1.30.21!

I believe that every human-being has a purpose; and my purpose, within my role as a Dementia Friendly America champion and death care professional, is to equip individuals to live life abundantly and leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones! Therefore, as a keynote speaker & workshop facilitator, I engage in meaningful dialogue focused on:


  • disrupting the at-need only approach to end-of-life care and pre-planning decisions by equipping individuals/families with premier informational resources to make important decisions prior to the advent of life-limiting illness or death -- thus closing the gap in community education regarding end-of-life care, options and action-planning


  • facilitating community support systems for caregivers, the ill & bereaved and

  • fostering more collaborative relationships between medical professionals and death care professionals ​to decrease the occurrence of unnecessary delays in your being able to fulfill your loved ones' wishes, regarding final disposition, when the time comes

Watch the replay of the extremely informative & empowering Baptist Health webinar, "Supporting the Mental Well-Being of our Black Elders," in which I -- as well as a local media professional & community spiritual leader -- share the answer to relevant mental health questions for caregivers.

Contact me today to discuss your upcoming guest speaker, workshop facilitation or panel expert needs.