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Now, as a Dementia Friendly America champion and death care professional, I am actively engaged in disrupting the at-need only approach to end-of-life care and pre-planning decisions, as well as creating a supportive infrastructure for caregivers and grieving families. In this capacity, I have developed a suite of community education workshops & resource materials: 

(1) Lasting Legacies: Life-Planning Talk with Kandice Jacobs Robinson, LFD - workshop addressing the necessary points of consideration for developing a solid plan for the latter years of your life, ranging from a 15 minute brief talk to 2 hour seminar; Workshops being offered (May - Sept.) to corporations [as an important accompaniment to their employee health & wellness series] or to religious, civic, sorority & fraternal organizations

(2) "12 Realities Caregivers Must Face & Accept" - Are you a caregiver? Do you feel overwhelmed, alone, isolated? Do you find yourself increasingly thinking, "Something has to change!"? Allow me to educate you on the realities you must embrace as a caregiver to more peacefully navigate your caregiver journey.


(3) "The Benefits of Female Caregivers in The Workplace" - in which I address the quantifiable impact of caregivers on the workplace; share my unique experience as a female caregiver in the workplace; and address the highly overlooked benefits of female caregivers within the workplace.

(4) "Supporting the Mental Well-Being of Caregivers" - in which I share the rewards & challenges of being a caregiver; how to support the mental well-being of a loved one living with Alzheimer's disease & practice self-care as a caregiver; and recommendations for cultivating resilience & strength. Watch the replay of the extremely informative & empowering Baptist Health webinar, "Supporting the Mental Well-Being of our Black Elders," in which I recently participated.

(5) "Ministering to the Bereaved" - a practical workshop addressing what to say and what not to say, what to do and what not to do when someone has lost their loved one; the focus is understanding grief and building support communities to effectively meet the needs of the bereaved

(6) "Postmortem Responsibilities of Medical Professionals" - see below: 


Workshop Facilitator: (February 2016)

  • Facilitated 45-minute workshop entitled, "Postmortem Responsibilities of Medical Professionals,"  to (30) PCT, CNA & Medical Assistant Students at Florida Career College (Orange Park, FL)

    • Highlighted need for a more collaborative relationship between medical health professionals & death care professionals

    • Introduction to Electronic Death Registration System & The Department of Health

    • How To Successfully Make A First Call

    • The consequences of issuing incorrect medical info. & vitals and not adhering to time requirements 



I fell in love with words in the 4th grade when I won second place in my first writing contest! Since, I have progressed to becoming a published author, keynote speaker & workshop facilitator. My first publication, On Creating Kandice: A Poetic Journey to Spirituality & Self-Discovery, (endorsed by renowned poet, Nikki Giovanni), served as a springboard for subsequent speaking engagements -- at ladies events, schools, on discussion panels and radio show appearances.


Most recently, I spoke at the 2024 Sister To Sister Lectureship-Retreat. With the theme backdrop of “Survivors: Tried, Purified, Certified,” I was tasked with walking this year’s attendees through how fully trusting God — in and through our tribulations — certifies us as living examples of being a light of the world and to the sisterhood. In this compelling lesson, I discuss: 1. What it means to be ‘Certified’; 2. How one can become “Certified in Christ Jesus;” 3. How God uses trials to certify us for His purpose; and, 4. The responsibility of certification.

Finally, as a social entrepreneur, one of my core values involves a commitment to mentoring. I hold a firm belief that every human-being has been called to greatness and thus chosen to fulfill a very specific destiny at an appointed time! Therefore, I seek to promote this understanding every opportunity I get! This core belief has led to the development of the following educational workshop:


Youth Summit Facilitator: (August 2015)

  • Facilitated (3) 40-minute class sessions, to youth ages 14 - 18, entitled - "Setting Achievable Goals," - provided instruction on how to identify individual gifts, talents/ abilities and transition from a dream to an achievable goal; *utilized goal of becoming a licensed funeral director/ embalmer to show youth how to assess & create an action plan for achieving one's goal; focused on imparting the over-arching message that every human-being has been chosen for greatness



"I recently invited Kandice to speak at an event for the Alzheimer's Association based on the strong recommendation from a colleague. I had never heard Kandice speak before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. To say that I was blown away is an understatement. I watched the crowd soak up her words, while they simultaneously expressed all the emotions she was able to bring out in them. It was remarkable, touching, and impactful - just what I was hoping  for! I highly recommend Kandice for any program or event that needs a call to action, or a thought leader to inspire the crowd. I can't wait until I can showcase her talents again!"


October 6, 2021 / Terri Cantrell, Development at Alzheimer's Association 

"Kandice is nothing short of brilliant! Kandice brought her unique style, polished and personable delivery, and professional yet approachable personality to our 2008 Ladies Inspirational Weekend. Her colorful tale of her spiritual journey is infused with heartfelt and sincere encouragement and edification. Kandice Jacobs would be a wonderful keynote speaker or delightful accompaniment to your panel."


July 1, 2008 / Standralyn Terry, Ed.D, Program Coordinator - Generation Jacksonville at McKinsey Social Initiative / Northside Church of Christ, 28th Annual Ladies Day Chairperson (Jacksonville, FL)

"...[Kandice] is an outstanding and impressive motivational and inspirational public speaker. She was recently the keynote speaker at the 28th Annual Northside Church of Christ Ladies Inspirational Weekend in Jacksonville, Florida, where I was the executive co-chair of the event. Kandice delivered a powerful message to an audience of over 500 inspired women of various ages, backgrounds and education. Shortly after speaking, she successfully sold out of and received several purchase orders for her first published book: On Creating Kandice: A Poetic Journey To Spirituality & Self-Discovery..."



Felicia Wright, Visual Branding & Marketing Strategist / Mompreneur / Facilitator of Mygani Design LLC / Northside Church of Christ: 28th Annual Ladies Day, Executive Co-Chair (Jacksonville, FL)

  AS A WORKSHOP FACILITATOR - "Postmortem Responsibilities of Medical Professionals" ...  

"I really enjoyed the presentation that you gave.  It helped me to realize that when a patient dies what all needs to been done and recorded, so that when the funeral home comes to pick up the patient all the paper work is ready. Also I got a view of the funeral director side -- what they require and how important it is for me as a PCT to give the correct time of death and [other] information to the nurse so she can pass [this] information on to the funeral home.  We always see it from the family's side but [I didn't] realize what the funeral home has to go through from their side; and, I thank you Ms. Jacobs for that."  


Albertha Gallman, Patient Care Tech Student - Florida Career College

"I really enjoyed Ms. Jacobs coming to speak to our class [and sharing] about her job in the funeral home. We learned a lot about how things operate in the funeral home; and, we also learned who all play a big part in making sure things get done [to ensure] families are happy with the services... Thanks so much for coming Ms. Jacobs!" 


Shanique Webb, Patient Care Tech Student - Florida Career College

"I enjoyed hearing Ms. Jacobs speak; she was very informative. She knows her job backwards and forwards, and you can tell she loves what she does. Being able to do her job takes a strong person. You can tell she is a woman of God. She shows grace and compassion with everything she does." 


Kelsi Thiele, Patient Care Tech Student - Florida Career College, 

  AS A WRITER...  

"How wonderful to discover the new and refreshing voice of Kandice Jacobs-Armstrong. On Creating Kandice: A Poetic Journey To Spirituality & Self-Discovery is definitely new wine in new bottles. How poignant to travel the difficult road of life only to find that Light that lights up all our lives. We all are certainly wishing Kandice continued success on her Poetic Journeys."


Nikki Giovanni, Poet  

"Kandice is a former student of mine, not much more than an acquaintance, yet when I read these words I was drawn into her world. There is a depth of feeling and understanding here that one rarely encounters. As I read her poems, I wanted more. I consider myself a writer of verse, and I have even had a few published, but nothing I have ever written has the depth of feeling found in Ms. Armstrong's verse. It is time for me to put up my pen and go on to other things. Thank you Kandice for your insightful and powerful poetry."


Dr. Richard L. Elam, Chair / Humanities and Social Science Division at Hill College (Cleburne, TX)

"On Creating Kandice is superlative! The progression of poems exhibits the various emotions of life in a delicate, yet literal interpretation. This book is perfect for the young adult undergoing the occasional turbulent transitions in life. Well done!"


Keela McGraw, Director of Education (former) / Arlington Classics Academy (Arlington, TX)

"Readable...a very well written and insightful book chronicling a young woman's unraveling of God's purpose for her life."


Jerina Barnes, High School English Teacher & Academic Coordinator (retired) (Arlington, TX)

"In reading your poetry, I have to keep reminding myself that you are so young. I feel that you have an uncommon depth of perception. Then I turn a page and there is youth personified! This is a book to be sipped slowly, and this comment comes from a reader who consumes a book a day. Yours I read and think, read and think. Thank you!"


Anonymous Reader, Published via Blogger - On Creating Kandice blog

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