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Jax Bridges Graduation!



Last night it was my distinct honor to graduate from the #JaxBridgesProgram along with my amazing classmates of Cohort 7! Over the past (3) months, I have felt like I was in a master’s level business course on Entrepreneurship, but I have enjoyed every minute of this immense professional experience! What I have learned and the connections made have been invaluable! I have always been drawn to other entrepreneurs — leaders, those who live by the excellence concept.  There is something unique about entrepreneurs — our mindset that says: “There is always more I don’t know, and I’m prepared to make the time to learn;” “I’m willing to work hard, to sacrifice what I want today for the sake of the vision & the good of the team I’m now responsible for;” “Yes, I’m willing to take this calculated risk;” “Innovation & remaining customer-focused drive my ability to compete for the long-haul.” I pray the absolute best for each of you and look forward to having a front row seat view for your inevitable success! If I can assist you in any way, don’t hesitate to call on me.  ~K.Jacobs-Armstrong, 12/14/17

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Walk To End Alzheimer's

                      2017 with Team Memory Warriorz

"Fighting for Lasting Memoriez!"

2017 Update:

*At KJC we are all about equipping you to live life abundantly & leave a lasting legacy, but I believe I must first lead out in anything I promote! Therefore, I was honored to once again participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s — walking hand-in-hand with my father (diagnosed last October)— while remembering my grandmother's amazing legacy. For all those who donated to this organization — which is leading in the fight for a cure, for those afflicted, and in support of their caregivers — I cannot thank you enough!


For those who may not be aware, November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness & National Family Caregivers Month. Since its inception in 1983, by President Ronald Regan, the number of Americans diagnosed with this heartbreaking disease has more than doubled today to 5.4 million from 2 million (alz.org). When becoming acquainted with individuals for the first time, and the topic of occupation arises, I am often met with the same question: "What made you want to do that?" My immediate reply is, "Well, truthfully, it chose me..." I then share the story of how my grandmother, Mae Eva Howell, was diagnosed with Dementia (of which Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form).


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Florida Times Union Special Feature by Charlie Patton



Served as a panel expert:

(July 2016)

  • Engaged in discussion on the realities of being an entrepreneur & self-employment

  • Educated & inspired aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Served as an informational resource for other entrepreneurs seeking continued growth in their ventures

Do you know someone who refuses to attend any form of funeral ceremony? Does this describe you? Do you feel uncomfortable in these settings -- wondering what to say or do to comfort the living? It's okay, there is no need to fear any longer though!


In my article, Weep With Those Who Weep: The Practical Do's & Don'ts Of Ministering To The Bereaved, I share -- through very practical tips --- 'how to' effectively meet the needs of bereaved individuals. Check out my LinkedIn Pulse article for more information on the article or visit Focus Press to secure your copy today!